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Anna + Cameron - Engaged (Tryon, NC)

It's BAAAAACCCKKK! I'm super excited to kick start my blog again. I've been so, SO busy over the past several months I had let my blog slip away in the whirlwind.....but it's back, and it's going to be in full swing from here on out :) I PROMISE.

So my first post on the new blog is of the incredibly wonderful: Anna and Cameron. These two are seriously gems. We laughed, talked about life, back pain (yes you read that right), and their wedding plans for next October. It was an honor to capture their story, and photograph the love that so obviously radiates from them.

Originally, this shoot was supposed to be in the mountains of Hot Springs, NC; however the weather had other plans for us. The gloomy/stormy forecast pushed us further south to Tryon. I have to say, everything worked out for the best; we were graced by an INCREDIBLE rainbow. As we were getting our things together to wrap up the shoot, Cameron pointed out the crazy rainbow on the other side of the property. Naturally, we dropped everything and started running full-speed towards it. I ran straight through the biggest spider web I've ever seen....but it was well worth it. :P

I am SO excited to share my favorites from this memorable session <3

Their trademark pose <3

This makes my heart feel so happy and free.

The wind was perfect. They are perfect. Can I say this day was perfect again? Because it was perfect.

Catching lightening bugs <3

The grand finale:

That's all folks! Stay tuned for my next blog post! <3


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