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2019 Top 7 - Ceremony Moments

Okay okay, yes....I am the world's worst blogger. LOL. I'm working on being better at keeping my blog updated, and this is my first step! :P

Over the course of the next week or so, I'm going to be sharing my top 7 moments from various categories of the weddings I shot in 2019. It was incredibly hard to narrow all of these down, and it took me wayyyy longer than expected, but here we are!! :) Hope you enjoy.


I love this sweet moment with Julie and Nick after they said I do! and hellloooooo the Glassy Chapel is always SO dreamy.


This is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen! All of the architecture and details were awe inspiring. Quite frankly, photos do not do it justice :)


This was such a unique idea! Watering a plant together to symbolize growth and blooming as a married couple. And the groom's father officiated the ceremony!


I LOVED this moment. Dalton and Samantha chose to worship during their ceremony, and it was definitely an experience I will never forget.


The groomsmen entered the ceremony by walking up from behind the altar, and it was really freaking cool. This is the first time I have seen an entrance like this! I love it when couples add uniqueness to their day.


I saw the cross window in the door of the church when I first arrived, and I immediately knew the shot I wanted to get using it. I had my second shooter get the "safe shot" from the balcony, and I took advantage of a very rare photo opportunity. Loved the result!


This was a no brainer pick for me. If I could post the entire ceremony here, I would. Normally when it's pouring rain outside and you have expensive equipment getting drenched, you're a little nervous lol but I was freaking pumped about these photos. This storm came out of NOWHERE. Through the progression of the ceremony the clouds became darker and darker, and then the wind picked up....and all of a sudden while Lynzie and Chris were saying their vows it DOWN POURED. They quickly said I do and rushed to shelter. Epic. Absolutely epic. (+ no equipment was harmed :P )

Alright! Top 7 favorite ceremony moments done and doneeee. What category will be next? :)



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